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Dr. Diwa Hamal Lamichhane

Dr. Diwa Hamal Lamichhane

Consultant Oculoplasty
MS in Ophthalmology

Dr. Diwa Hamal Lamichhane is a consultant oculoplasty, ocular aesthetic and cataract surgeon  at BP Eye foundation, CHEERS hospital. She completed her MS in ophthalmology from Manipal College of medical sciences in 2012 A.D and two years anterior segment fellowship from EREC-P (BEH) on 2015 A.D. She was sponsored for oculoplasty fellowship at Tilganga Eye Institute for one year 2017-2018 A.D. She has been trained for Ocular aesthetics including Botox injection for therapeutic & aesthetic indications under Dr. Debraj Som at Tirupati Eye Hospital in 2019. She was sponsored for  her quality manager’s  fellowship at Quality resource centre  Dr. Schroffs Charity Eye Hospital, New Delhi in 2018.

Dr Diwa is known for her very good surgical hands. She has experience of over 20 thousands ocular surgeries namely Cataract, pterygium, DCR, Blepharoplasty and various oculoplasty surgeries. She has been regularly going to surgical camps to the outskirts of Nepal. She has published numerous research articles and presented papers in numerous  national and international conference. She has been involved in training and teaching surgical skills.

She is the member of Nepal Medical Association (NMA), Nepal Ophthalmic Society (NOS), Nepalese Society of Oculoplasty Surgeons (NESOS), Oculoplasty Association of India (OPAI), All India Ophthalmic Society (AIOS), WOS and founder member of Oculoplasty Society of South East Asia (OPSSA).


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